Dallas Cowboys Mascot s Cielos"

Rowdy is the official mascot of the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys. Named by David Higginbotham of Dallas, he's been the team's official mascot since 1996. His tenure overlapped with that of Pro Football Hall of Famer Crazy Ray who was the unofficial mascot of the Cowboys from 1962 until his death in 2007. Rowdy takes part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, The Salvation Army, The Rise School of Dallas, Special Olympics, retirement centers, hospitals, schools, birthday parties, grand openings, Minor League Baseball games around the country, conventions, parades, grocery store promotions, NBA games, weddings and sometimes will take a visit to the crowd during halftime. He has even been to the Pro Bowl at least three times: in 1995 before being adopted by the Cowboys as their official mascot,[1] and in 1999 and 2001. He also took part in TV events, which includes ESPN's Alumni Beach Bowl, ABC's Battle of the Gridiron and the Special Olympics.

Rowdy was originally developed by NFL Properties in the early 1990's as a character named "Big D" who was part of the Team NFL Heroes league-wide mascot program. Merchandise showing an early version of Rowdy with his name listed as Big D was marketed to children and teenagers during the 1994 and 1995 NFL seasons. Big D made public appearances at Cowboys games and other events as early as 1994 but wasn't adopted by the Cowboys as their official mascot until 1996 after his name was changed to Rowdy and adjustments to his character design had been made. As the Ambassador of the Dallas Cowboys, Rowdy's job includes, but is not limited to creating game day enthusiasm at Texas Stadium. He does this at home games by driving in on his four-wheeler, tossing t-shirts into the stands, using signs like "Let's Go Cowboys," and mocking the opponents. Rowdy participates at every home game and selected away games.

At Training Camp, Rowdy's Kid Zone, where he plays with the kids at camp. He takes the kids through obstacle courses and has them chant for their favorite Cowboys player during practice. Kids also visit the inflatable Cowboys Experience, which includes a bouncy house, slide, football toss, and field goal kick. Rowdy takes pride in squirting the kids with water guns, and anyone who steps in his way like players, coaches, TV crews, and especially fans that come out to watch the Cowboys practice at camp. Fans enjoy the ice-cold water because it cools them down when it's 100 plus degrees, so as you can imagine, Rowdy is a popular Cowboy at camp.